Ok it’s no sec…

Ok it’s no secret that i’m a big fan of trap music, i’ve been posting tracks up here and banting the term around but realised that I had yet to actually explain what it is, for those who don’t already know.

Trap music is kinda the “in thing” at the moment and today trap music is, in a very small nutshell, guys on Soundcloud who have been influenced by rap production, particularly heavy-hitting guys like Lex Luger and Paris Bueller.

Houston-born, Berlin-based producer Lōtic describes it as “characterized by crisp snares, sweeping sub-bass and pitched-down vocals, among other things”. Really the genre is very broad and can even include stuff like this, an Elmo remix originally by Heartbeat but given a trap remix by Orlando-based Sam Koroitamudu, or BIGMAKK.

P.S. Trap is not Moombahton!


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