Two of Bristol’s finest

For his Sweeter Things EP released last year. Asa teamed up with fellow Bristolians KOAN Sound for a song entitled ‘Kaneda’.

Other than place of residence there aren’t many similarities between the two artists and when I first came across the song I was dubious as to how the outcome would shape up. But I was pleasantly surprised: the song is definitely more of Asa than KOAN but their input does not go unnoticed.

The song possesses many aspects you’d expect from an Asa record, beautiful drifting feeling, a sense of effortlessness and a repeating female vocal hook. The drums are bouncy and have a slight phaser on them and you begin to wonder where KOAN actually are, until the bass hits. It’s only a slight, walking bassline but it’s KOAN for sure, and it changes the song from a ‘sit back and relax’ tune to an instant head-bobber. Overall the collaboration works, somehow.

Make that a third Bristolian, BITR8 favourite Stumbleine‘s jumped on it.


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