Ain’t nobody fresha than ma muthafuckin’ Clique

My favourite song from G.O.O.D Music’s Cruel Summer has had a rework at the hands of E∆SY GIRL. Not much is known about the producer, the only bit of information is her bio “I live in Los Angeles. I like to make music”, so hardly extensive.

In this remix I like that the vocals have remained largely intact, unless done tastefully i’m not so much a fan of chopped and screwed hip-hop remixes. It’s just the backing that makes this, she leaves a lot of the backing vocals and the main synth melody in place but the drums are just SO much better than the original, so many more claps, so much more offbeat, so much heavier. The new arpeggiated melody introduced ties the song up with a neat little bow. Go follow her, she’s got it going.

P.s. Why Kanye is fat in this photo beats me.

Also check out her banging remix of ‘Genesis’ by Grimes.


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