Liar brings the bass

Liar is a producer from Bucharest, Romania and very little is known about the man in this spooky photo. His Soundcloud has 21 tracks, the first of which was uploaded a year ago and they’re all chilled but with urgent, energetic inflections. It is as if he starts every record as an ambient song and then keeps throwing more at it. He also released his debut EP Undance in March this year (which is on a ‘name your price’ sale so go get it).

This track is called ‘Door Next Girl’ and it’s one of the bassier songs that he’s made. It starts off nicely, a little arpeggiated melody on a reverb and delayed laden guitar, and then the bass arrives, there is so much depth to the synth that it takes you back a little but it’s awesome. When the vocals enter the fray the song goes from being a bass-fest to becoming a record that exists on loads of levels, every one of which is impeccably produced. The significant reverb on the repeating “words mean nothing” adds an eery vibe to the record which I feel tops it off as a sonic masterpiece.


One response to “Liar brings the bass

  1. Anonymous

    The song is ripped from swedish band Evergrey and lawsuites are in the works.

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