Wednesday night calls for a bit of soul

I decided that tonight I wanted to blog another song by 19 year-old Montreal resident Kaytradamus, or KÄŸTRÄDÄMÜ$, and I was going to post a Beyonce remix but then I remembered this track, Beyonce will have to wait till another day.

This was his entry to IndabaMusic’s remix competition of a collaboration between jazz pianist Robert Glasper and soul trio KING. The song, ‘Move Love’ was taken on by many a producer and the competition was eventually won by Tall Black Guy Productions and his version, however I feel that Kaytradamus’ version was heavily underrated.

His remix keeps the soul swing of the song and adds an almost Flying Lotus edge to it. The first thing you notice is his use of cutoff which kills off the track momentarily on every beat, and it gives the smooth track a minor disjointed edge, which I love. The beat is classically hip-hop with a basic kick, closed hat and clap being used, but to great effect. This remix is brilliant because the little changes he’s made make a large difference to the song, making it different but still preserving the essence of the original.



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