Best remix i’ve heard in a long, long time

Bold shout I know but this is perfect. I mean perfect. Ellie Goulding is such a guilty pleasure of mine and she is also a favourite for producers, countless number of remixes have been released using her vocals, most of which i’ve liked, but this kinda blows them out of the water.

Taking ‘Hanging On’ from her upcoming album Halcyon, LA resident Sound Remedy goes off. The smooth harp melody that introduces the song perfectly compliments her voice and an ambient track appears to be on its way, until it drops. Goulding’s chopped vocals become the melody and the choppy synths make up a perfect composition along with the pan flute synth arpeggios. Once everything is introduced the song exists on so many levels and it takes quite a few listens to hear the full extent of Sound Remedy’s impeccable production work.


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