I didn’t think the original could be topped, how wrong I was

Velvetine is an EDM group formed by Hungarian DJ/producers Myon & Shane 54 and American singer-songwriter Aruna and their song ‘The Great Divide’ is awesome. It’s dark and intense and hits hard and I never saw a remix being able to top it.

However I am now eating my words after having discovered this remix by Santa Barbara resident Jeff Montalvo, or Seven Lions, an up-and-coming artist who has supported the likes of Gemini and KOAN Sound. In this song he eeks out the build-up brilliantly, keeps making you think the drop is coming only to not, further increasing the anticipation, unlike the original, Montalvo utilises the vocals early and extensively and uses them as a great build up to the huge, multi-voiced, synth drop. The original dutch house beat is replaced with a smacking kick-snare rhythm, letting the synths (there are many of them) do the talking. They don’t talk so much as scream.



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