Bassnectar & DC Breaks combine to go HARD

What a combination! Dubstep heavyweight Bassnectar from San Fran and DC Breaks, a London/Bristol duo specialising in brilliant drum & bass. I remember picking up Bassnectar’s Timestretch EP and being blown away and also remember growing up on as many DC Breaks mixes as I could get my hands on so i’m over the moon as this collaboration.

This track comes as a teaser for Bassnectar’s upcoming Freestyle EP and it’s massive! The song features L.A. singer/songwriter Mimi Page who has featured on many an EDM track, and from this I can see why. The first half is very much DC as the double-time drums start to become a large factor in the song, but it combines beautifully with Bassnectar’s copyrighted synths, so deep and so effective. Arpeggiated synth melodies are present throughout the record and accentuate the high-tempo nature of the song and the brilliant production on the vocals ties the track up with a nice, little bow.

They go hard!


Update (14.10.12): Another track has been dropped, check it out below.



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