Cyril Hahn loves the Knowles family

First it was Beyoncé and now it’s younger sister Solange. Cyril Hahn from Vancouver, Canada has taken Solange’s new single ‘Losing You’ from her upcoming third album and, well, has done a Cyril Hahn on it.

Build-ups are dragged out to prolong expectation, kicks hit equally as hard as we’ve come to expect from him and vocals are pitched with flange and reverb. The new element to this however is Hahn’s sound is far more electronic than usual, the synths are more staccato and sound more EDM-orientated than his previous legato, symphonic style. Whereas ‘Say My Name’ was smooth and encapsulating, this has more of a get-up-and-go feel to it and is once again a brilliant piece of production, just wish he’d release tracks more often.

The song is great and available for free download so go get it, go on.



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