Jamie Woon gets taken deep by Blue Daisy

I’ve been a big fan of Jamie Woon ever since I heard ‘Lady Luck’ back in early 2011. His debut album ‘Mirrorwriting’ is beautiful, his voice matched with a simple accompaniment in instrumentals. The whole album is well worth getting your hands on because it’s all great but one song that has stood out to me in particular is the album opener ‘Night Air’.

Said track has been remade by Blue Daisy – real name Kwesi Darko – from Camden, North London. Darko has been labelled “the new Flying Lotus” on many occasion, a comparison that he believes “can be a hindrance or a blessing”, and his style is very similar to that of FlyLo or even his inspiration J Dilla, however Darko tends to include a bit more bass and reverb in his tracks to create deeper tracks that immerse you. This remake is the pinnacle of this, it’s so atmospheric it reminds me of a Liar track. On this occasion drums do not form a major part of the track, instead its heavy on layered synth work and a delicate use of the vocals, oh and the piano build up isn’t half bad either.



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