Yet Another ‘Say My Name’ Remix

There are quite a few remixes of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ doing their rounds online and, up to this point, I had always believed that Vancouver’s Cyril Hahn laid claim to the best version, with Chilean producer Daniel Klauser occupying second place, however Hahn now has a close competitor.

This remix comes courtesy of, previously featured, Cardiff-based duo Bodhi and it is a little heavier than the rest. The track begins heavy on reverb and the voices are blurred and move in and out of focus and the significant chopping gives the song a double-time feel. Naturally the vocals are detuned but they now sit on a much more hyperactive beat and, post-drop, on a bassline with significant Dead Prez undertones.

Bodhi have just released their 2-track debut Sy single on Push & Run.


2 responses to “Yet Another ‘Say My Name’ Remix

  1. Anonymous

    Got a new one for you here, free DL too 😉

    Cheers for covering us mate!

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