Post No. 100: Battle Of The Remixes

The 100th BITR8 post is a good’n (aren’t they all?!).

About a month ago upstart record label / artist collective Void Youth released a two-track EP consisting of Ruddyp and Carling Ruse both remixing Destiny’s Child’s ‘Cater 2 U’ and called it a ‘versus’.

They each have different ways of going about this challenge, the most obvious of which is their use of the vocal samples with Ruddyp pitch-shifting them by about an octave and Ruse opting to leave them and merely apply reverb and a faint delay. Other disagreements concern tempo and bass: higher and more for Ruddyp versus the more chillout vibe from Ruse.

So the question really is, ‘Which Remix Is Better?’. Listen and vote below.


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