Disclosure Are Taking Over

DisclosureDisclosure is brother and brother combination Guy and Howard Lawrence, from Surrey who produce house music which is seeing a massive comeback. You may recognise them from their song ‘Latch’ with Sam Smith which is getting regular air time on Radio 1 or maybe their brilliant remix of ‘Running’ by Jessie Ware.

About three weeks ago the pair did a back2back Boiler Room set alongside Skream hosted in the Presidential Street of the W Hotel. The set was immense and i’ve listened to it about a hundred times since it was uploaded.

This song is ripped from the mix and it’s their bootleg of Janet Jackson’s 2006 hit ‘Call On Me’ featuring Nelly. We’re introduced to the song by floating, dream-like synths that progressively build in tempo and some hats and a dampened cowbell for percussion before it drops in to one of the most head-bobbing songs of the year. Drums are straight 4-4 but the kicks are the only part following a regular rhythm giving the whole song a lurch, the synth work follows this notion creating a great tune for any party.


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