Kill Paris Back With An Ode To Lana Del Rey

Kill ParisLast time we wrote about Kill Paris it was after the release of his huge collaboration with Dillon Francis for a remix of ‘Where Did I Go‘ by Monsta. Now the LA resident is back with a bang with a song peculiarly named ‘I Love You Lana Del Rey (Where I Left My Heart)’.

The song begins in almost Del Rey-esque mellowness but it doesn’t hold it for long as you hear the main synth riff emerge from the pits of the song, and then it hits you full in the face. The riff is catchy and compliments the more distorted bass synth underneath it. Comprising of big kicks accompanied by simple closed hats and snares the beat is heavy working to create a song that straddles the line between pop and bass.

Best of all it’s available for free download.


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