BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 1 :- Burial – Kindred EP

Burial - Kindred EPTopping the list of BITR8’s Top EPs of 2012 is the unmistakable Burial. Last year the ghostly two-step master released Street Halo EP a brilliant collection of everything that is Burial, however it started to become apparent that the former anonymous producer was becoming a little bit predictable, however Kindred EP, released digitally on Hyperdub earlier this year, breaks nearly every stereotypical Burial element you can think of. To start with the record is made up of two 12-minute symphonies and a 7-minute house rhythm.

Title track ‘Kindred’ will be warmly welcomed by all die-hard Burial fans, the mystical vocals, mechanical percussion and muffled noises, as well as a thunderclap sound, are all incorporated however there just seems to be more force involved. The metallic percussion has a more devastating effect and everything just appears louder. The song is genre-less, which is partly the reason why it’s so mesmerising, it has a two-step garage feel but incorporates the forceful of dubstep with a swing of jungle. ‘Loner’ sees the London adopt a more housier vibe, the pace is lifted, the to-and-fro drums create that notion and then the arpeggiated synth comes in on top, laden with glossy reverb to just take you away. As popular in his records the vocal samples just work as part of the backdrop rather than form any part of the foreground. The third track (and second 12-minute piece) ‘Ashtray Warp’ is, to me, the standout track which is a amazingly deep record built on a distorted house loop, there are so many elements at work that you begin to question how this many sound can be stored on one track.

Overall this EP, ever since it’s release, was always going to top this list. It’s magical, mysterious and mesmerising and Burial shows us just how unbelievably talented he really is.


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