BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 2 :- Jacques Greene – Ready EP

Jacques Greene - Ready EPMontreal’s Jacques Greene has long been a front-runner in garage and house music. Having inaugurated his own Vase imprint with his Concealer EP earlier this year he returned with Ready EP, a release on Martyn’s 3024 label. Ready marks a change in direction for Greene, having previously built his sound around garage beats, R&B samples and light, ephemeral synth work, the new EP instead is a deep record.

The first few seconds of title track ‘Ready’ illustrate that this is no ordinary Greene record: the R&B vocal samples are now mystical modulating vocals that wouldn’t be uncommon in a Burial record and the drum’s have lost the feel of a LuckyMe record and instead adopt a mechanical, industrial nature. The song focuses on far more low-end than Greene is usually known for and it is only the occasional high-end synthesizer cutting into the foreground that disturbs that atmospherics that he creates. In ‘Prism’ he adopts a similar approach with the percussion however there is much more clarity to this song, we see a return to high-end with a 4-note melody loop and a bouncing house baseline, however the atmospheric nature is unharmed, the each element pans in and out of focus with the each constituent part getting it’s only time in the spotlight. On closer ‘Dakou’ Greene appears to be back to the sound to which he made a name for himself, the first 30 seconds are made of bouncing, off-beat hats with a straight 4-4 kick beat, this will however change. At the 30 seconds mark all percussion is dropped instead leaving the pitch-shifted, thrown-in-a-bucket-of-reverb vocals take centre stage, around 90 seconds, as the song continues to build, we see the introduction of a faint 4-note arpeggio that contradicts the half-time lurch that the song has, before we later get shown a laser synth which appears to have very little relevance anything before it.

Ready EP is about tensions and Greene’s ability to build and slash at just a moment’s notice, it is a beautiful piece of production that sounds deep and atmospheric but is in essence simple. The record is all-encompassing and swallows you whole into his world of confusion and mixed emotions.


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