BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 3 :- George Fitzgerald – Child EP

George Fitzgerald - Child EPGeorge Fitzgerald released two EPs this year, earlier this month he dropped Needs You EP but it is Child EP that lands at #3 in BITR8’s Top 10.

The title track ‘Child’ is a hard-hitting, straight 4-4 house beat and throbbing synth. The samples of “baby” and “like a child” are monotonously repeated however Fitzgerald is the master of making a repetitive element not become tedious and voice merely becomes part of the percussion for the chordal synth to lie on top of. From then the EP takes a more ambient vibe with ‘Lights Out’ showing once again his ability to defeat tedium and produce a multi-layered masterpiece. ‘Hindsight’ keeps the slower tempo and opts for simple, palm-muted riffs and all seems safe until the crushing synth note interrupts the song. The note signals the start of a new progression each time and opens the door for another element to be introduced to the song. The EP ends with ‘Unilateral’ which sees a return to the more house-orientated nature that ‘Child’ possessed: skitting hats, the brief introduction and removal of a staccato synth before descending into an ephemeral mix of undulating synths and delayed and reverbed vocal samples.

The whole EP is a pleasure to listen to and even though it is only four tracks it manages to feel like a full LP. Child EP is a piece of poetic genius from Fitzgerald, meandering between pulsating basslines and smooth, drawn-out synths, between hard kicks and mellow claps, between house and ambient.


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