BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 5 :- TNGHT – TNGHT EP

tnghtThis year saw two EDM heavyweights combine, Montreal’s Lunice and Glasgow’s Hudson Mohawke joined forces to become TNGHT. The two unveiled themselves as a pairing when they played alongside each other at SXSW last year and would later have a track dropped on Rustie’s “scene-defining” BBC Essential Mix.

The collaboration led to this the TNGHT EP, a record built on chaotic southern hip-hop infused EDM. Although neither is from the US there is a definite affiliation to the rap-scene beats of Lex Luger and other hard-hitting producers. Both producers have their own connection, Mohawke provided production to Kanye as part of his G.O.O.D Music album Cruel Summer and every time Lunice steps in to the Boiler Room it leads to a combination of records by the likes of Waka Flocka Flame and Juicy J amid others.

Although the record originates from the Luger era of trigger samples and click-clack pattering of gun shots all over records TNGHT actually take somewhat of a simple approach, one that is underestimated due to their sheer volume of the EP, the songs relies simply on big kicks, layered claps and staccato synth riffs. The biggest track, both in terms of acclaim and volume, is far and away ‘Higher Ground’ where a vocal-loop welcomes us with brazen authority before escalating to a synthesized tuba that sounds capable of flattening small towns.

The TNGHT EP was, amongst other things, an experiment between two producers either side of the pond who both wanted to change up their production style, both advocating a longing for more simplistic eventualities. All I can say is that this experiment worked.


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