BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 6 :- Cashmere Cat – Mirror Maru EP

Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru EPMagnus August Høiberg has had a peculiar career to date. When he was DJ Final the 24-year old from Oslo, Norway was a finalist in the DMC DJing World Championships, a competition that pits the best turntablists against each other in a show of speed, urgency and flair that keeps even Araabmuzik on his toes. However in February 2011 he dismissed this alias to adopt the persona of a ‘forest cat’ and a series of photographs of dressed-up cats started to become the main feature of his Facebook page. This persona is that of Cashmere Cat a producer who favours EDM songs with pop sensibilities.

Mirror Maru EP was released on Belgian club-enthusiasts Pelican Fly but is somewhat different to their usual releases. The title track starts with a gentle descending piano progression and an arpeggiated harp melody before, at about the one minute mark, we’re built up to only drop back in to the same rhythm. Høiberg is not one to stick to a now conventional build-tension-drop-bass routine, there’s a freshness and playful nature to his compositions. The playfulness is continued by his use of various random percussion, the title track for example includes what seems to be pitch-shifted bed springs.

My favourite track, ‘Kiss Kiss’ is probably the most pop-infused record of the 4 and includes as a melody a chopped-and-screwed vocal sample that should offend the ears but is so catchy that you forget the origin of the sound, the melody becomes a wail and once again the play with tension and build up is resumed.

The whole EP is a journey and it appears to build throughout it’s entire duration. Although it is only a short record (15 minutes start to finish) Høiberg fully expresses everything that he wants this Cashmere Cat persona to be, one that is not jumping on the trap, Atlanta-bound bandwagon that EDM hip-hop beats are heading but one that instead follows a path towards playfulness, immaturity and a far more pop-orientated destination.


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