BITR8′s Best EPs of 2012: No. 7 :- VILLΛGE – Takeover EP

artworks-000034316363-xehtm4-originalThis EP by Romanian producer VILLΛGE – real name Vali Dragomir – was spontaneously released on Origami Sound, the tumblr turned label that is pioneering the new influx of Romanian electronica, with whom Dragomir used to be the visuals guy before they realised that he was in fact pretty good a producer himself.

The Takeover EP came after many teasing releases from the Romanian with the opening track ‘Dive’ being released a couple of months beforehand as well as a collaboration with label-mate Liar on ‘Dust’. The EP is a combination of tracks laden with reverb and mechanical drum samples as well as a masterful use of R&B vocal samples, where songs drift in to one another without notice.

‘Dive’ kicks off the EP, a slow, minor key floating remix of Usher’s song of the same name that sees finger-clicks and claps as substitutes for a snare, that’s when there’s percussion at all. Over the next few tracks we’re taken on a journey through bass lines, distorted vocals and brilliant song composition giving us a view in to the world of emotive house that Romania, more specific Origami Sound, is building a reputation on. We finally come to the title track, which is one of my favourite of the year, it follows all of the same ingredients mentioned above but introduces a beautiful multi-layered throbbing synth that provides you with no need for a melody, top that off with a distorted Mac Miller sample and you know this is a recipe for success.


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