Mr. Carmack and Arnold say ‘Gimme That’

Mr CarmackAaron, ‘Mr’, Carmack from Honolulu, Hawaii was a finalist in last years Beatroot Championships, hosted by LightSleepers which is a hip-hop beat competition. This however is not a hip-hop track.

Carmack’s joined forces with Arnold, formerly Trap Arnold, on a track for his Bang, Vol. 3 beat-tape. Beginning with a strained male soul vocal that is glistened with plenty of reverb and delay, a dulled snare pattern emerges with a rhythm that sounds like it’s straight from a marching band before the real essence of the track comes in with the heavily pitch-shifted growl of ‘gimme that’ on loop. This provides the basis for the rest of the record and is led on top of a bass line that will wake the neighbours. If you are going to listen to this through a sub, beware.

Go get the tape here, I have, it’s only $1.

Update: another track to assure you that this record is worth buying, go support.


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