Bebe Black – Deathwish (EJECA Remix)

EjecaEjeca is Gary McCartney from a village called Glengormley on the outskirts of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He produces house and techno and occasionally veers towards garage, it appears he likes to experiment. McCartney released 3 Eps last year, most recently for W&O Street tracks. Last week Ejeca featured on XLR8R’s famous Bubblin’ Up series, signs of a bright future.

This track is a remix he has done of Bebe Black’s ‘Deathwish‘ due for release on Columbia / Sony soon. McCartney has taken the track and added more of a groove to it. Turning a previously emotional, almost lethargic record in to a bouncing house track. He uses the vocals delicately, fading them in and out at will and substituting it for a three-chord rhythm section before dropping a very George Fitzgerald-esque bassline. The beauty of the song is in it’s simplicity, if he added anything more then the track would lose it’s authenticity and it’s subtleness. It is always hinting at development, almost threatening it before it removes the potential of a drop.

The Belfast producer has his new Frequency EP out on the 28th of this month via Last Night On Earth. Be sure to check it out, and be sure to watch out for this guy in the future.


2 responses to “Bebe Black – Deathwish (EJECA Remix)

  1. Gary

    infamous means known for bad quality; infamy. don’t you mean the opposite– famous?

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