Drake, But As You’ve Never Heard Him Before

Figgy‘Doing It Wrong’ is a song that pretty well encapsulates Drake’s most recent album, Take Care. The song is melancholic in its beauty and simplicity but is just a story of a man who doesn’t want to break a women’s heart. Drizzy singing in a heartfelt way towards an unnamed  partner whom he repeatedly insists he can’t stay because it’s “the wrong thing to do” and that he “needs someone different”.

The melancholy attached with this record is maintained, but only for a short period as Figgy, from Massachusetts / NYC, clearly feels that Drake should maybe cheer up a little. The first thing that will strike you is that Drake no longer sounds like Drake, not only is he singing this song at 10-15bpm faster but he’s also pitch shifted beyond recognition which only increases the vulnerable, delicate nature of the vocals.  A minute in however we are introduced to a clap-heavy drum beat and one that breathes a whole new life in to a previously distressing record. Rather than contemplating the heartbreak we’re now bobbing back and forth to “different” on loop.

The manipulation of the record is professional in its elegance, many a producer would opt to preserve little of the original track and instead merely take an acapella and go mad. Not Figgy, this is a remix of the highest quality and if you look at his Soundcloud you will realise that it’s by no means the first time he’s done it.



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