Bailey’s Back

Bailey 2The Brighton beatmaker is back with a new song which is available for free download. In early December Bailey brought you ‘C’est Un Oui’, which saw him employ many aspects of the currently upsurging deep-house sub-genre, including bouncing basslines and clap-orientated drum beats. Since that release the anonymous producer has started up his own imprint, DYC Records, and is raising his stock with this new song, ‘Home’.

Incorporating a chopped and screwed female vocal sample akin to that of Disclosure’s work with Ria Ritchie, Bailey incorporates the aspects previously outlined and expands his use of percussion (he extensively uses what appears to be a pitch-shifted cowbell!) as well as polishing his song structure. Where in the past he may have strung along a particular section for a few bars too many, ‘Home’ nicely alternates its focus from straight vocals and mulled beat work to extensive synths and chopped singing.

This song is just another rung on the ladder as Bailey continues to climb towards the perfect combinations being achieved by acts such as Disclosure and Julio Bashmore, and before long I wouldn’t be surprised to seem him up there with them.

Also check out his smooth house song ‘Until We Die’ forthcoming on Fhinq Music’s EASY compilation:


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