Sitar-Sampling Electro-Hop From Belgium

Squeaky LobsterIf that title doesn’t get your intrigue going I don’t know what will.

Laurent Delforge, a.k.a Squeaky Lobster, hails from Brussels, Belgium and is a key member of the label Vlek, which is Belgian patois for ‘junk’. I was put on to Vlek a while back and jumped at the offer of their entire discography to date for free. Vlek are to Belgium what Origami Sound are to Romania, they are the main exporter of alternative electronic music and are beginning to achieve overdue notoriety.

Squeaky Lobster last year released his debut Will-O’-Wisp EP on Vlek and the record kicks off with this arabic inspired banger. Beginning with a quote that sounds very similar to that sample used by 50 Cent in ‘This is 50’, the track is given a time capsule feeling, as if stumbled across 50 years after release. Then we are confronted with a massive distorted bassline that is however overshadowed by a sitar riff which is almost offensive to ears but amazingly catchy.The drums are hip-hop orientated but glitched beyond recognition which gives the track an unmistakeable lurch and the cymbals crackle as oppose to ring. Mellowing out for about 60 seconds in the middle of the track we lose the sitar in favour of a xylophone riff, until the sitar begins to make itself known again during a prolonged build-up to the big bassline.

This track is complex, uncoordinated and has a complete mind of its own, I wouldn’t even attempt to name all of the percussion instruments involved within the track at one point or another. All I know is that it is on repeat at my place.


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