James Blake Returns

James BlakeLondon-based electronic singer / producer James Blake has this evening announced the date of release of his sophomore LP, Overgrown, which follows on from his eponymous 2011 album. Overgrown will be released on April 8th through Republic and this track is “Retrograde” which was premiered on Zane Lowe’s show on Radio 1 this evening.

This track is built through piano chord progressions in a way that Blake has become synonymous with, especially on his most recent release Enough Thunder. He starts with a few groans and vocals that sound like they could be emanating from Thom Yorke before allowing his incredible ability with synths to take over. Blake is the most expressive he’s been since 2011, his voice becoming gospel at point and the synths, his backing choir.The beat is merely kicks and claps throughout, a minimalism that was an ever-present feature of his Klavierwerke EP.

The song concludes with a sudden drop of the synths and a return to the groans and piano that we started with and it completes a cyclical journey which feels longer than the track’s 4-minute duration.

Update [11.2.13]: A video has emerged.


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