Hadouken! – Levitate (Koven Remix)

Koven LiveI had the pleasure of seeing these guys live on Sunday and that was the first time I had heard this song. For their hugely popular single ‘Levitate’ (the promo video for which has over 27 million views as of today) Hadouken have recruited, amongst others, London-based duo Koven for an official remix.

As previously mentioned Koven are producer Max Rowat and singer Kate Ashton who, with previous tracks ‘Wake You Up’ and ‘More Than You’, take a step out of your conventional dubstep act and instead choose to write songs rather than produce music.

The original of ‘Levitate’ is big, but this is huge. The vocals are used as a hook and build-up rather than a main constituent of the song. Adding plenty of reverb and delay the track begin with fast-paced strumming before descending to merely piano chords. The build-up begins and when the vocals reappear you know to expect something. But you won’t expect the sheer velocity of the bass synths, they’re heavy, layered and some of the grungiest I have heard in some time.

It’s just massive.

Koven’s single ‘More Than You’ featuring a remix by DC Breaks will be released on March 3rd by Viper Recordings.



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