Synkro’s Taken A Dreamy Turn

SynkroFor a guy who made his name with the output of 2-step and dubstep beats it was safe to say that when Manchester producer Synkro -real name Joe McBride – released his Acceptance EP last month I was a little surprised. McBride has always had an ethereal nature to his production, floating guitar licks, pitch-shifted groans. But Acceptance, released on ambient-leaning R&S offshoot Apollo, sees Synkro take his tracks deeper than they’ve been before.

This track, ‘Recognition’, is my favourite from the mini-LP. Over three minutes the track builds constantly and reminds me of Stumbleine production but with more bass. The tracks beauty is in it’s simplicity, the three-chord melody is on one of the longest crescendos i’ve heard in recent memory. The groans are pitch-shifted as if to emulate a ‘call and response’ male to female interaction, providing a beautiful vulnerability to the track. The track hints at percussion but never uses it, faint, infrequent arpeggios provide the only break from the dreamscape that Synkro lays out.

The track is embracing and all-encompassing, here McBride is most successful and it is this production quality that makes the Acceptance EP such a good listen.


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