Introducing: Yinyues

YinyuesYinyues is Dav from Romford, England. That’s about all we know about this 17 year-old producer in a biographical sense, however we know a lot about his music. Listening to his whole Soundcloud page would set you back many hours, the boy churns out music like Lil B on speed, but surprisingly they’re all brilliant.

It is clear that Dav is a pianist, his chordal progressions as well as his use of dynamics are tell-tale signs. It is also very interesting to see the sheer range of genres that he produces in, on his page he describes his music as being “Glo-Fi/East Coast/Trap”, quite a mix. Most of his work is downbeat / chillwave which is one of the reasons I was so taken back by these remixes.

These are hands down the best Biggie remixes i’ve ever heard, and trust me, i’ve heard quite a few. His chordal knowledge is at the forefront of these productions, especially on ‘Back to Cali’, where he begins with a slightly swung three chordal melody before descending in to full East Coast mode with a straight, unembellished beat and a faint guitar waining in the background, allowing the vocals to stand out whilst not being overpowering. On ‘Juicy’ the piano chords are this time broken and played in almost arpeggiated way, again incorporating a swing and straight beat to fulfil the East Coast formula. We then get offered an unexpected horn breakdown which beautifully complements the whole aesthetic. Finally ‘Think Big’ utilises all of the previous tools but also uses a pitch-shifted vocal melody and a high-end synth line. This is probably my least favourite as I have issues with the levels here and feel that where Yinyues previously worked to accentuate Biggie, here he overpowers him.

I could quite happily post up about 10 of this guys tracks and review each one but instead I will just give you one more, his latest track ‘Blissin’. This track has a similar broken chord pattern to that which we have seen earlier, and also incorporates some smooth rhythm work on a very clean electric guitar. He returns to his more chillwave roots with this track and makes great use of vocals which are pitch-shifted beyond recognition and undulate in a way that’s bound to set you swaying.

Overall i’m impressed by the way this guy goes about his business and am excited about where he’s going next. All I hope is that he defines a genre and pursues it because he has the ability to make some real statements however sometimes we lose track of who he is through cameo experiments. (See Clark Kent | Yinyues – Cosmos).


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