Lapalux hires in Busdriver?!


Yes you heard me right Stuart Howard, or Lapalux, the electronic-ambient producer has hired eccentric rapper Regan Farquhar, Busdriver, for a verse on his new record.

The track is one that is very similar to Howard’s normal production, the difference is that there are less peculiarly off-beat percussion rhythms, a change made to accommodate the melodic nature of Busdriver’s hyper-literate rapping. The normal skip and lag feel are still on display, however the percussion is stripped back and the song relies on multiple levels of heavily reverbed vocal melodies.

Busdriver pretty much takes over on the first half of the track as the L.A. native spits with incredible elocution at a swung-rhythm. However this most definitely a Lapalux record and not Farquhar’s, as we see the chorus return to what we have come to expect from the man from Essex, glistening rhythmic sections, quaint repeating melodies and a whole lot of layering. The second half is left entirely to Howard, which is a bold move but it pays off, at no point are you really pining for a third Busdriver verse and instead are happy to sit back and be immersed in yet another beautiful piece of production.



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