The Long Awaited Return Of Rustie


He’s finally back. Rustie, born Russell Whyte, gained international notoriety last year for his ground-breaking debut on Radio 1’s Essential Mix as well as 2011 debut LP Glass Swords on Warp Records.

Whyte has been at the forefront of the sub-movement that’s leaving behind the minimal dub textures of the previous decade in favour of an ‘all-in’ approach. Rather than your one stripped back synth Rustie favours having four or six playing the same melody at different octaves at different times. It is this maximalist approach that has led to some describing his music as defying categorisation. It’s pop, hip-hop, jazz and much more, all at a solid 140-bpm. A quick read through the Essential Mix track list reveals this range of influences: label-mate and fellow Glaswegian Hudson Mowhawke is included as well as S-Type and Dorian Concept, representing hip-hop we have Rick Ross, Juicy J, A$AP Twelvy, Drake and Wiz Khalifa, not to mention the cross-over acts of Clams Casino, Baauer and Lunice.

His love for these genres as well as his electricity-infused, internet-age style are all apparent on this new record. This is the second track from Rustie’s forthcoming double A-side, to be released on Numbers, and this track is ‘Slasherr’. The song begins in a similar way to Glass Swords’ ‘Surph’ where a staccato synth melody is accentuated with a kick on every beat, this synth is multi-voiced and bouncy however as the volume and white noise increases the sense of potential rises. Before long the song is stripped back and is taken over by a rapidly crescendoing synth that encompasses all that Rustie is about. The beat drops back to lazy, slightly off-beat rhythm with merely two kicks and two claps to a bar, oh, as well as the yapping of what sounds like a pitch-shifted Jack Russell.

As if to show us the full range of his abilities Whyte completely changes it up at the 2-minute mark reverting back to frequent kicks and one of the catchiest melodies the Glaswegian has ever produced. We’re not here for long however as we once again are shown the big reverberating melody of before.

This is an exciting time for Rustie, his double A-side ‘Triadzz/Slasherr’ is out on March 18th on Numbers, and he’s beginning to once again assert himself as someone who’s production is successfully satisfying both dance music enthusiasts and pop-loving radio listeners. No mean feat.


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