New George Fitzgerald

George Fitzgerald 2

George Fitzgerald‘s been rather busy lately. He was named one of Radio 1’s Future Stars of 2013 and recorded a debut Essential Mix before popping up at the Hotflush takeover of the Boiler Room to go beat-2-beat with label CEO Scuba.

Last year was a year of great produce from Fitzgerald, his Child EP was rated #3 on BITR8’s Best EPs List, and at the beginning of December I reviewed his last offering, the Needs You EP. On that record the London man went to a deeper place than he’d been before and now he’s gone even further. Deep House is currently the ‘in thing’ in the world of dance music as a result of the rise to fame of guys like Disclosure, Kidnap Kid and Gorgon City but Fitzgerald has been operating in this sub-genre for many a year now and is always pushing some boundaries with his production.

I first got a glimpse of this song in both of the aforementioned mixes and was eager to find out when it would crop up somewhere, yesterday this song ‘Thinking Of You’ was dropped by the man himself on his Soundcloud. Combining a regular pattern of kicks and what sounds like a dampened tambourine, the song begins in normal Fitzgerald fashion and in an eerily similar way to ‘Child’ (to the extent you could sing along the ‘Like A Child’ line rather easily), before including a bouncing hi-hat beat on top of his bass synths that have a rhythm similar to that of a ball falling from a table.

There are quite a few similarities to his previous work but I am a large advocate of an ‘if it ain’t broke…’ philosophy. The tune is still a banger even if lacks a bit of the punch that ‘Needs You’ had.


One response to “New George Fitzgerald

  1. djra1nman

    First time reader here, I’ve heard the name before but never really heard any of his stuff, his synths are crazy catchy good find!

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