Drake-Sampling Sunday Vibes

Different Sleep

Different Sleep is the moniker of 19 year-old Rafa Alvarez from San Diego, CA. He is currently residing in Chicago whilst studying at Columbia. Last year Alvarez had his debut EP Infinite released through the Svengali label and was also featured in a mix on Jay-Z’s blog. Different Sleep has been specialising in chillwave, Lapalux-esque beats and is currently racking up the Soundcloud followers (he’s now passed 4000).

This new track ‘Get Ahead’ samples just two lines from Drake’s song ‘Karaoke’ from his debut album Thank Me Later, and intertwines them in amongst a smooth, mystical and drowned guitar melody. The lyrics are detuned to the extent that they provide the bass for the record, and a slight lowering of the tempo allows the slow-beating, dulled drums to roll on effortlessly. Alvarez uses guitar melodies that mimic the vocal hook to further accentuate the use of the words as the main, tireless riff.

With chillwave music of this sort it is often the ones that first appear the simplest that are in fact the most complex and this is an example of such a record. The song only includes the two lyrics, two guitars, a kick, a snare and some washed out playground sounds but the marriage of all of these aspects is elegant, professional and mesmerising.



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