Mount Kimbie Drop First Song From Upcoming LP

Mount KimbieHaving heard this song previewed on various radio stations it has finally been released by the duo themselves. Mount Kimbie are Dominic Maker and Kai Campos from London and they burst on to the electronic scene back in 2009 with Maybes EP and Sketch On Glass EP before following it up the next year with their debut LP Crooks & Lovers, for Hotflush Recordings. Their sound on these records can be described as soft, mellow and full of bespoke percussion. The work is obviously and intentionally created on a computer, all aspects have a sense of technical detailing to them with little regard for sounding like the real instrument.

3 years have passed since Crooks & Lovers and the duo have admitted that their sound has changed, as it inevitably would. In an interview with FACT last November the band described this change:

“The new stuff is a lot more free than the songs we’ve done before, in terms of composition. It’s still entirely produced on a computer, but the drums and percussion are much more live in their feel, in rhythm and in flow. In terms of the actual sound…it’s quite a bit bigger sounding that what we’ve done before.”

The above change can be explicitly heard in their new track ‘Make Me Stray’ in which both Maker and Campos sing, another newly introduced aspect. The new reality in the drums is immediately noticeable with a lot less clicking noises appearing in the claps and hats. A muddled brass section is brought in before the accustomed keyboard synths come to the fore. When the vocals enter it reminds me of early Klaxons songs or a Foals track from Total Life Forever, both of which agree with the bands aim to appear more like a live band.

Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is out May 28 via Warp and it features this track as well as two collaborations with singer-songwriter King Krule.


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