Eric Prydz Is Back And In A Big Way

Eric PrydzEric Prydz has returned for a new release under his Pryda alias. The Swedish DJ of ‘Call On Me’ fame is back with an absolute club killer.

Pryda’s tracks take a step back from the pop-orientated nature of his work under his real name and is a lot more focused on house music than we have seen him previously. ‘Power Drive’, 8 minutes in its entirety, is a constant game of tension building and breaking as Prydz brings you in and out of the moment on almost irritating regularity. The high-end riff of the keys is the main motif to the record, and for the first two and half minutes it is that which is prevalent in your ears. But this all changes when the beat drops. The riff is mimicked but with significant low-end distortion; throw in the huge kicks and claps and the track is bound to send anyone in their own living room to their feet, let alone in a club.

This track, from Eric’s Soundcloud page, is a rip from Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and Zane sums it up perfectly. With his releases under the Pryda alias Eric Prydz puts himself in the category of greats and this track only works to cement that opinion.

The track is released on April 1st on his own Pryda Recordings.


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