Norwegian Takeover

LidoLidoNorwegian producer Cashmere Cat has been remixed by Norwegian singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist LidoLido. The track in question is ‘Kiss Kiss’ from Cashmere Cat’s Mirror Maru EP, BITR8’s no. 6 of 2012.

LidoLido – real name Peder Losnegård – is little known outside of his native Norway but boasts a 2012 album, Pretty Girls & Grey Sweaters, on Norway’s branch of Universal Music. On this remix the 20-year old maintains the bouncy nature of the original but gives it an even more staccato feel. The main riff is now supplemented by a cowbell percussion to start and a staccato synth rhythm during the verses, adding to the climatic nature of the record. The chopped-and-screwed vocal sample is now manipulated even further when Losnegård takes the melody to even higher octaves during the breakdown and gives the melody an off-beat but mighty catchy rhythmic inflection.

The reason I enjoy this remix so much is that the main element of the original song, the vocal sample melody, is used to full effect. LidoLido has chosen to take this catchy, pop-infused aspect and work it and manipulate it to his liking and produce every other element to suit, and for this reason the whole track comes together superbly.


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