Another ‘Song From Scratch’

Jacques Greene x TinasheAfter the collaboration between Shlohmo and Jeremih on ‘Bo Peep’, the Yours Truly and Adidas Originals series “Songs From Scratch” has returned with this gem from Canadian Jacques Greene and U.S. singer Tinashe.

Greene has always had a knack for working with female vocals, this was extensively displayed in his early The Look and Another Girl EPs, and more recently on his production work on the title track for Katy B’s new Danger EP. On ‘Painted Faces’ this is no different, as Tinashe’s softly spoken words are beautifully interwoven in to a lurching, slinky beat. For a guy who says that he does not “fully understand” writing pop music he has an amazing ability to create rhythms and melodies perfectly suited to radio play. Greene’s production abilities are on full display here, his arpeggiated rhythms and infectious drum-kick patterns taking hold. He takes the vocals in and out of focus, allowing infrequent cooing to sit lower and more reverbed in the track than the verses and includes occasional, irregular harmonisation. The beat utilises Greene’s usual penchant for garage-inflected rhythms as well as big, hard-hitting kicks and undistinguishable percussion instruments.

The track is another success in the series and where it doesn’t match the purple undertones and climatic nature of ‘Bo Peep’ it makes up for it with pure class and professionalism. Greene and Tinashe compliment each other brilliantly so lets hope this isn’t the last collaboration they have in mind.


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