Stream Jai Paul’s Debut LP

Jai PaulWell it’s about time. It’s been 6 years since the Rayners Lane export released his game-changing ‘BTSTU’ and 1 year since his R&B-infused hit ‘Jasmine’. Now Jai Paul has slyly dropped his debut LP, or so it seems. The self-titled album contains all of the eclectic, hyperactive themes that we’ve come to expect from Paul alongside skits containing quite a few Harry Potter clips, amongst others.

The LP is made up 16 untitled tracks however we know a few from previous releases: track 9 is ‘Jasmine’, track 16 is ‘BTSTU’ and track 7 is ‘Crush’ which is a cover of a Jennifer Paige song.

There has been no word yet from his label XL Recordings so speculation suggests that Paul has dropped this without permission from the authorities, such a Jai Paul thing to do. Stream the full album below.

Update: Jai himself has disputed the leak, see below

The plot thickens.


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