The ‘Great Gatsby’ Soundtrack Just Got A Hell Of A Lot More Epic

NeroJust when you thought that nothing could top Beyonce and Andre 3000 covering Amy Winehouse, or Florence & The Machine releasing an epic ballad, or Lana Del Rey crooning about young love, Interscope Records have just dropped UK E.D.M trio Nero‘s contribution to the film score. The track was premiered this evening on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show and on first listen it stunned me, this track is incredible.

Beginning with a series of female deep breaths, the song builds towards singer Alana Watson’s breathy vocals that have been drowned in reverb, delay and many other effects. The tempo is a lot slower than you would expect from a Nero track but incorporates all the computer-orientated elements that made their debut album Welcome Reality¬†such a commercial success. The astonishing thing about the track is the pure depth of the layering, kicks and snares skitter along in the background as the synths incorporate about 50 different voices. The song is a beautifully undulating symphony as drops are insinuated but never quite provided, where you would expect to hear loud bass and synths you instead get string quartets.

The standout, show-stopping moment occurs at the 1:45 stage when Watson sings a chromatic escalation that is so perfect that, having listened to it now in excess of 20 times, I am still blown away. The synths underneath are complimented by the orchestral section which then both provide incredible foundations for the aforementioned vocal. We are not allowed to enjoy this for long however as the production almost immediately brings the track back to earth for another verse but, as you expected and prayed for, this is the not the last time it is heard.

This track has only made me even more excited for the release of this soundtrack on May 7th, and earlier today I didn’t think that was possible. I think the awards for Best Film Score are already in the post to executive producer Jay-Z.


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