Do You Like Drugs?

Cashmere Cat PawsWell me too.

In a musical landscape full of genres, sub-genres and sub-sub-genres it is almost impossible for a new artist to avoid some form of categorisation, however Norwegian DJ-turned-producer Cashmere Cat appears to have evaded such classification. Now Magnus August Høiberg, the man responsible for BITR8’s 6th Best EP of 2012 (which in hindsight should really be higher), is back with a remix of ‘Do You…’, the 2nd single from Miguel’s excellent Kaleidoscope Dream. Having circulated the blogosphere courtesy of rips from his Rinse FM set the track now has an official upload.

The track begins with Høiberg’s customary arpeggiated progressions before peeling away to allow the vocals to take hold. Underlay by hats struck with such frequency that they are not too dissimilar to a hundred crickets chirping and accentuated with occasional pitch-shifting of vocals, the track builds towards the drop and then let’s loose; it is as if he has hundreds of ideas of how he wishes to remix this track and just decided to incorporate elements of them all. We have big kick-clap combinations adding punch with vocals shifted both an octave lower and higher before returning back to the arpeggios and a more refined feel before reverting again.

The beauty of a Cashmere Cat record is the apparent spontaneity with which the track changes, as you get used to one section he’ll flip it on it’s head and show another way of interpreting it. Drums flicker between normal, double and half time feels and the vocals can never work out whether they want to be reverbed and atmospheric or grungy and trap-orientated with significant pitch shift. Whatever the decision you can always be confident that this producer will take you on an entertaining journey.


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