Mount Kimbie and King Krule Team Up

Mount Kimbie 2A month ago London-based duo Mount Kimbie dropped the first two tracks from their upcoming sophomore LP Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, due out on May 27th via Warp‘Made To Stray’ & ‘Blood & Form’ have seen the duo move themselves away from the ‘producers’ tag and instead pursue the avenue of becoming a ‘band’, this has been led by the inclusion of live drums as well as the pair themselves providing vocals rather than their customary pitched and screwed vocal samples. They have not lost their off-beat, click-clack sensibilities, however they are taking a more backseat role in favour of creating ‘songs’ rather than ‘beats’.

The new single ‘You Took Your Time’ continues the philosophy adopted in the previous two songs and sees the first of two appearances from neo-soul singer King Krule – real name Archie Marshall. Mount Kimbie lay a jazz-inflected beat of heavily reverbed open hats and staccato dampened snares whilst Marshall straddles the line between indie-crooner and speak-singer. The track builds throughout it’s duration and with the inclusion of an organ synth comes a more growly edge to King Krule’s singing, both aspects insinuating a sense of distress and loneliness that can be laid at the door of both artists’ previous work.

With these three songs Mount Kimbie are creating records that are quite different from their previous work and are opening themselves up to a slightly more mainstream audience however still maintaining the subtle inflections that attracted their fan base in the first place. It is great to see the pair continually developing their sound and achieving more success as a result.


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