Synkro Does What Synkro Does Best

Synkro 2Lowb is Andy Barlow, one half of British duo Lamb, and he is currently prepping his first solo effort in the shape of album Leap and the Net Will Appear which is out June 3rd on Distiller Records. Before that however Barlow is releasing an EP based on the album’s first single ‘Inward Outburst’ and has invited low-end supremo Synkro to do a remix.

In complete Synkro fashion we are exposed to absolutely miles deep low-end which shakes you to the core throughout the whole record. The track begins with some sweeping oceanside chords before trading places with a series of plucked guitar arpeggios. The vocals have been transformed from the original, from straight-up vocal arrangement to massively reverbed and delayed vocal yearning, the dynamics of which fluctuate with such regularity as to feel entrapped, longing for escape. The track is laden with windswept synth patterns as Synkro takes you through his entire arsenal of synth settings across 4 octaves, such layering only further enhances the sense of mystery and intrigue as no individual part really comes to the fore, asserting itself as the sole melody.

The most impressive element of the record though is the fierce percussion that is in a state of constant escalation throughout the tracks duration. He has always used unapologetically electronic and metallic percussion instruments but there is a new sense of aggression present in this record. During the remix the kick pattern never fluctuates from a straight 4:4 rhythm whilst the hats and rim shots float around it. When the track breaks down at 2:40 the track appears to tail off as if to end before the vocals are once again employed in an almost ‘come hither’ way. The usual escalation continues but takes an even more aggressive turn with the introduction of the type of kick synonymous with a certain Massive Attack track, and accompanied with the rapid hats it makes for one of the most compelling beats you’ll hear.


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