Emperor Brings The Distortion

EmperorEmperor is a 20-year old dubstep / drum & bass producer from Halifax, UK. His track’s can range from dark and dirty to deep and beautiful and these differing approaches are both shown on his recent Begin EP released on Critical Music.

With his new track ‘Structures’, Emperor maintains his love affair with dark underground sounds, beginning the track with crackling industrial samples and echoed vocal chants, not to mention the wolf howls in the background. The drum beat operates on an off-beat dubstep rhythm, with the producer choosing the ‘less is more’ approach rather than his accustomed drum & bass sensibilities.

The really incredible element to this track however is the main rhythm section at around the one minute mark. Switching between immensely distorted, multi-voiced bass to cleaner phased wobbles to a grimey laser synth, it is a section of incredible complexity and sophistication and it is accentuated even more after an emotive, laid-bare breakdown.


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