Everyone Wants To Remix Ciara

CiaraAn influx of female R’n’b vocals have often appeared to be a producer’s Christmas come early, just ask Cassie and Aaliyah, and the catalogue available on Ciara’s new eponymous album is no different, leading to an inevitable flood of remixes hitting Soundcloud.Earlier today Jacques Greene dropped remixes of two songs by the R’n’B songstress, the sultry ‘Body Party’ and autobiographical ‘Sorry’, this got me thinking back to all the other remixes that have dropped this year.

Greene takes the tracks and works in a heavy set of wind-instrument synths bouncing from minor chord to minor chord. Greene has always been able to produce very emotive music, and these two are no different, ‘Body Party’ is stripped of all sexiness and instead the lust and longing is ramped up, epitomised by the hypnotic chants of “I’m on you”. In similar fashion ‘Sorry’ lets the vocals encapsulate the mood but adds significantly more layering than the comparatively stripped back ‘Body Party’. Here synths, pianos and stabs all come in and out of focus over the first minute or so before allowing the verse to punctuate through.

Earlier this month Brighton-based producer Knightley (formerly Bailey) dropped his version of ‘Sorry’. The song skips along on beat of electronic hats, 808 snares and various congas with a piano chordal backing, not to mention a distant saxophone accompaniment. Warning: this song is addictive!

Third up is an entry from the ever-impressive Soulection crew, this one comes from Japanese producer RLP. Here the often unrecognisable Ciara’s vocals are distorted over a trap beat and bouncing organ synths to create one of the more sultry remixes in the collection.

Finally comes the oldest remix of the set from Vancouver-duo Kutcorners & Marvel of The Freshest. This remix incorporates trap-style drums with a thudding video game-inspired bassline and distorted backing chords and hears Ciara plead “don’t stop” over and over. Add to that the repetition of “Cause tonight it’s going down, tell your boys it’s going down” and the track changes from commentary on a night of passion to that of a night of unadulterated carnal desires.


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