Skream’s Bringing Back Disco

SkreamSkream – real name Oliver Jones – has not exactly been muted in recent months about his love for disco music and his intended change in production style, in May Jones dropped a 45-minute disco mix in a move that began to transition away from the world of dubstep that has seen him rise to notoriety. So it comes as no surprise that the London producer has now released a disco track of his very own.

‘Rollercoaster’ is funky and excessively electronic to the extent that it would not seem out of place if it featured on the new Daft Punk album, especially when you hear the ‘Human After All’ era vocal effects from the first beat of the record. This song features the talkbox-ed vocals of Sam Frank who, if you remember, is no stranger to collaboration with Skream having contributed to smash hit ‘Anticipate’ back in 2011. Here Frank provides Bee Gee-esque melody to the bouncy record but, as has become expected of Jones, it is the producer that really makes this record as brilliant as it is. The drum beat is firmly one of a house orientation however as soon as the swung bass guitar and high-end phaser stabs are heard there is only one genre that this can placed in, add to that the Nile Rodgers-style guitar riff in the breakdown and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire disco banger.

Transition successful.