Clams Casino, But Not As You Know Him

Clams CasinoClams Casino was actually the subject of the very first BITR8 post and now he returns to the blog in the last post before I go travelling and call a hiatus on the operation of this page for 6 months. Clams Casino is Mike Volpe, a New Jersey-based beatmaker who shot to prominence last year after supplying a steady stream of instrumentals to hip-hop artists such as Lil B, A$AP Rocky and Mac Miller as well as taking the step of releasing a tape of said instrumentals to wide acclaim.

Volpe’s production was considered to map the sonic blueprint for the “based music” that was helping Lil B hit massive heights and as ‘The Based God’s notoriety grew so did that of his frequent collaborator. He combined hip-hop drums, left-field melodies and a many layers of sample manipulations to create moody, dense atmosphere’s in such an original and organic way that his beat-tape became an album and his productions became songs.

Clams has been quiet for the last few months but he’s back with a track that is buried in the depths of GTA V on Flying Lotus’ radio station. The track is called ‘Crystals’ and it is obvious 5 seconds in that this track finds the producer exploring new, more unfamiliar avenues. From the initial wale the record is plunged headfirst in to an electrified world of darkness in a way that sounds not too dissimilar to AraabMuzik’s most abrasive records. Drums are kept to a minimum here, off-beat kick-clap patterns provided the main orchestral backing to the track because the weight is added from the sheer amount of layered voices that merge together to produce a rusty, undefinable atmosphere. These features combined with a constant arpeggiated staccato riff and a thick bass line create one of the most awe-inspiring records of the Clams Casino discography.

Go grab the free download here and see you guys in 6 months.